Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Curly Cut

I'm going to get my hair cut on Thursday, but this isn't just any haircut. I'm getting it done by a "Deva-trained stylist" who will supposedly cut my hair dry and use special products on it that will "define my curls and eliminate frizz." As you can tell, I'm a bit skeptical...but then again, I'm not paying $50 for any ordinary trim. There better be miracle working. 
I'll do a post soon about how the cut turns out and what shampoo/conditioner the stylist uses (if they're good) so that any curly girls out there who are reading this blog (which is currently at a record breaking total of zero) can go get those miracle products. 

Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bottega Veneta-Fall 2007

The Bottega Veneta fall collection was all about simplicity and detail. Unfortunately, most of the pieces didn't really stun me, and instead I was left with a feeling like I was missing something. Maybe I don't yet have an appreciation for the clothes construction...but I sure as hell loved the accessories. Tomas Maler was made to work with animal skins.
Here are my favorites:

This reminds me of the Marc Jacobs collection...

I love this dress...it's like a sophisticated flapper dress.

This is the only piece in the entire collection that I looked at and though, "Wow, that's gorgeous..."

The illusion of nudity is interesting, yet elegant. This dress is quite genius in terms of the build and color blocking.

These sandles are gorgeous...

Look at this bag...the colors are exquisite.

Maybe it just takes time to appreciate Bottega Veneta, kind of like Marc Jacobs. They're both an acquired taste.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Ralph Lauren-Fall 2007

Even though the Ralph Lauren fall collection follows the usual brown, grey, and black color pallet (except for its leather metallic biker jackets and knee-length skirts), I think the cut and tailoring is exceptional. The look is sharp and polished, a mix of American classic and Parisian chic. 
To start with, there are wonderfully cut dress suits in a range of different materials.

High-waisted,grey...I love the buttons. Subtle, but chic.

The way the suede is draped is genius.

A soft metallic brown...again, I love the buttons.

Next, we have the coats. Ahh...the coats are so wonderfully girly, with a flared bottom that looks like it belongs on the petticoat of an evening gown. I think they're less coats and more dresses that happen to be outerwear.

The silhouette is stunning... a 50s hour glass shape, don't you think?

This coat is more structured, but the suede, the buttons...everything is genius.

The evening wear is truly stunning...

Glitter & Sequins

The use of black in the collection is wonderful...it outlines the figure in formfitting skirts and pants. Great for the office or the city streets. 

The black dresses are very reminiscent of France...perfect for sitting in a cafe with a cigarette and a copy of War and Peace.

Last but not least are the shoes. I love the materials: python and leather. That's a whole lotta skin. 

Let's not forget a Mary-Jane strap...

Or a satin Victorian bow, for that matter.

And that, my friends, is the Ralph Lauren Fall Collection.